Intellectual Property

In this era of innovations, technological advancements and creative evolution, the intangible assets are being created at an unprecedented pace. This however makes it highly imperative for us to have a mechanism in place to protect the rights arising out of these intangibles and thus the need for right and accurate legal consulting around this subject.

At Kautilya Legal we care for your brainchild. Be it music, artistic or literally work; invention, discovery, code or a design, we provide legal help to define, claim and maintain your intellectual property rights (IPR).

You may reach out to us for all your needs related to copyrights, patents, trademarks and designs rights and our team of IPR lawyers would be happy to help you perfect our creative dream. We understand that IPR is a legal area which is complex and one needs utmost care dealing with it and thus we provide both preventive as well as curative legal measures for Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) protection.