Real Estate & Property Law

Real Estate Property Kautilya LegalIf real estate dispute resolution assistance is what you are looking for, you have browsed your way through to the right place. We provide top class, transparent real-estate dispute resolution services. We understand that anything related to real estate is of huge importance to our clients and thus our team of lawyers deal with these disputes with utmost sincerity. The skills and resources that we have at our disposal to handle real-estate disputes draws great confidence in our clients for our services.

Pan India, we have the team of legal and financial experts to provide and scale real-estate dispute resolution services, and we follow up with clients on all critical junctures of the complete resolution cycle.

We also assist in various other areas like real-estate buying, selling and mortgaging. If you require any advice related to property related documents like Sale-deed, mortgage deed, lease deed, agreement to sell, rent agreements, landlord-tenant contracts etc., you may well reach out to one of our legal advisers.